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I’m pumped for Roundup 2022 because I get to gather with some of the best college ministry leaders from all over Texas, and the nation. What started as 5 churches in a small boardroom has grown into a collaborative event of over 60 churches last year.

Our goal has been to create a collaborative learning environment that tears down walls of insecurity and judgment and empowers college ministries to be vulnerable, to listen, to learn, and to collaborate. Everyone has something to give and we benefit when we work together. This year’s event will be May 11-13 in Fort Worth, TX. You can get all the details here, as well as register.

If you’re coming to Roundup, or are deciding if it’s even worth coming to, here are five things you need to know:

1. Roundup is a ton of fun

Our goal is to create a genuine community. You can get resources anywhere, but where can you get a community of church-based college ministry leaders? It’s slim out there. The only way you get a rich community is when you do two things: when you’re on mission together and you have fun doing it. We work hard to create an environment that fosters genuine community among churches and their leaders. Check out our Instagram to see last year’s event.

2. Roundup is designed for teams

Learning is best done in a community so if you can bring someone with you, please do! It will make the event a much better experience for you. We foster learning together because doing ministry alone can be dangerous. You might say, “I don’t have anyone. My team is just me.” That’s okay, but consider someone you can bring that may be interested in the subject matter and who can process the information you’re learning with you. However, even if you can’t get someone to come, it will still be a benefit, so don’t let that discourage you from coming. Our staff will work to help you create meaningful connections at Roundup.

3. Roundup is built on collaboration

We are inviting some of the best practitioners to teach you how to reach, develop, and send college students. However, often the silver bullet you need is found in the person doing the same work as you. We build in time for structured collaboration, but we also encourage you to meet others and collaborate organically throughout the event. I believe that the more collaboration you do, the more breakthrough you will receive. Here’s an article I wrote about the importance of collaboration.

4. Roundup is not just for ministries in Texas

The event started as an event for Texans, and it still is, but we’ve learned that there aren’t many church-based collegiate leader events out there. So this event is available to anyone involved in a local church college ministry. Last year over 30% of our attendees were from outside of Texas. So, don’t let state lines stop you from coming!

5. Roundup helps you process the information you learn and create result-oriented steps when you get home

Sometimes it’s hard to take the information you learn and create results-oriented action steps when you get home. So, we build in time for you to process the information you’re learning and help you create a results-oriented plan to take back home. You’ll even have time to share your plans with others to better sharpen your plans.

So, what you are waiting for? Register you and your team.